What is CCFL?

Unlike traditional incandescent lights that require thermionic emission, CCFL's benefit from operating at significantly lower temperatures. CCFL's are characterized by low power consumption, longevity, close to zero UV emission, excellent Color Rendering, and the elimination of flicker. Having long been used to backlight TV liquid crystal displays, the technology is well proven and an excellent baseline for green lighting solutions. By applying CCFL technology, T1 has developed lighting products that save energy and reduce costs.


Why choose CCFL?

Long Lasting/High Cycle Life

  • 50,000 hrs of illumination and over 100,000 ON/OFF cycles

High Brightness

  • 20% brighter than standard lights
Lasting Brightness
  • CCFL lamps will only show a small 2-3% fade in brightness after one year of operation

Flicker Free

  • 45-50 KHz operating frequency does not strain the eyes
Low Power Consumption
  • Consumes 30% to 50% less energy compared to traditional T8 fluorescent lamps
High CRI
  • Rating at 85Ra on the Color Rendering Index, this light source reproduces the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with a natural light source
Low Operating Temperature
  • Can help to save up to 10% on air-conditioning expenses
Low UV
  • 99.9% of UV light is blocked from escaping light enclosure
Environmentally Friendly
  • No hazardous gases-No gaseous Mercury used and the quantity contained is solid state and recyclable

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